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Stockton, CA Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

The aftermath of a fire in your home can be a stressful time for a homeowner. At Paul Davis, we specialize in fire damage restoration. For nearly a half century, Paul Davis has restored countless homes damaged by fire.

We’ll do everything we can to arrive on-site within 4 hours. If you require prompt service, please contact us 24/7 by phone or pressing the “24-hour Emergency Services” button above.
When we arrive at the site of the fire, we will perform these fire and smoke damage services:

  • Comprehensive appraisal of damage
  • Emergency cleanup services including grime removal and chemical residues to impede harm to you and your family
  • Elimination of smoke odor
  • Assistance with insurance companies

Why is using a certified fire and smoke damage restoration firm important?
Cleaning up and restoring the contamination created by smoke and fire is a long operation. Damage due to chemical reactions are common. Smoke can infiltrate hidden places, into wall cavities and the attic, leaving behind an awful that can linger for awhile. Meanwhile, soot can coat large parts of a house. Because repairs are complex, you’ll want to call a certified fire and smoke restoration company as quickly as possible.

Your efficient, qualified cleanup and restoration technicians from Paul Davis have the experience and know-how to consider all these issues to get you back into a comfortable living situation.

What should you do?
Safety is priority #1. Be sure you and your family are safe. Read through some more tips here.

Why Paul Davis?
Training and experience are vital to complete fire and smoke restoration and repairs. Paul Davis is ready to complete any fire restoration job. You won’t regret choosing Paul Davis.